Saturday, September 1, 2012


Moon, why do you cry?
Tired of showing your face, illuminated
frozen smile and eyes gleaming reassurance
upon those who need it?
But it's your job.  Resistance is futile.
I know now.

So raise your bright side.
Let the darkness be
ignored, nullified by itself
while you flow
Light-headed in space
watching yourself and me
learn life
up and down.

I cried once too,
fought hard against
tidal waves and storms
(that maybe you or I helped create).
The more I fought,
the more there was to fight
until the fight beat me,

Now instead of fighting,
I mostly float.
Easier than swimming against currents.

Stay calm Moon.
Let's help each other rise
to fullness each time.

Let's not rebel against what is.
Let's defy only gravity.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets.  The  theme today is rebellion.)

I'm not encouraging complacency, but merely reflecting on what I am slowly learning - that accepting life's circumstances is better than waging an inward war against what is.  I did that while I was taking care of mother and mother-in-law.  I resisted my circumstances so much and made myself unhappy, though outwardly nothing changed.

Recently, as you may know, I  went on vacation.  It was wonderful.  But, I then stayed much longer at my daughter's house than I had planned.  She got ill and I volunteered to take care of my grandson until she recovered.  I found myself accepting what went against my "will", rather than inwardly rebelling, feeling badly about it, because I would have preferred to come home as planned.  Sounds like a minor thing, but I learned a lot from this.

Anyway, I'm just sharing my inner progress.  Also, please know that I got the idea of 'defying gravity' from a book by that name, written by Caroline Myss.

So glad to be back, my friends.  I missed you all.

(By the way, my daughter is much better.)




  1. I do agree that sometimes 'floating' is better than 'fighting.' There are some battles we can fight, and some not. It is good to know the difference

  2. i think there are things we have to accept in life...and it is much better to let those is the wisdom it takes in knowing which to fight and which to let go of that is important i think...we waste a lot of energy on the wrong battles...

  3. very interesting take n the prompt...and you are right...sometimes you have to have balance, have acceptance of things instead of trying to fight or rebel against them....

    Stay calm Moon.
    Let's help each other rise
    to fullness each time.

    so nice

  4. It sometimes takes us too many years to learn that in order to go through life we need to go with its flow and not try to swim against it. At least you learned a little bit more about yourself during this visit that you didn't know before.
    Glad your daughter is feeling better now too.
    Great write to the prompt.

  5. Beautiful. I really liked the first line of each stanza. You share a lot of wisdom. So glad your daughter is feeling better.

  6. How we learn to flow with the tide ~ It seems that our mothers were right all along ~

    Great to see you again ~

  7. sometimes it's good to accept the things in life rather than trying to fight them..flowing with the tide.. i know it's not always easy though and it needs wisdom to decide what are the things to fight and what are the things to embrace...welcome back myrna and glad your daughter is better

  8. Reminds me of the serenity prayer which I was going to post here but paste from my iPad doesnt work on this blog!

  9. True to form! We may find time and effort wasted on unnecessary distractions. It is a learning experience that we pay dearly for when not aware.Glad everything turned out well! Great write Myrna!


  10. Now instead of fighting,
    I mostly float.
    Easier than swimming against currents

    I think acceptance is a crucial step in serenity.

  11. wonderful to see you back with this wonderful post!

  12. really liking those last two lines best

  13. There is a tremendous amount of wisdom in those closing lines.

  14. I am glad you are back and your daughter is better. I appreciate this reflection very much.

  15. My dear Myrna,
    Kindness and love do not need any special title(s). You are a great woman who loves her family. Don't ever change...its what makes your heart beautiful. Thanks for sharing my friend.

  16. How nice to see you here, dear Myrna. I missed you too. A new philosophy of life is floating from our blogger-philosopher, Myrna,

    ". . . Now instead of fighting,
    I mostly float.
    Easier than swimming against currents. . . ."

    Glad that you had a good time within and outside.

    Have a lovely remainder of the week.

    Joy always,

  17. beautiful photo, wonderful verse