Friday, July 20, 2012


She paid her coffee and the next guy’s.
Waited to enjoy his smile.

Shoved a dollar out car window.
Cherished the unfortunate’s blessing.

Left anonymous thoughtful note on widow’s desk.
Observed grateful tears from afar.

When her son talked about school bullies
her thoughts drifted.

When her mother asked for help
too busy, she couldn’t.

(Submitted to G-Man at Friday Flash 55)


  1. ugh..that's misaligned kindess indeed when you care for everyone else but for the ones that are closest to you...well penned myrna

  2. and hey..i was first..smiles

  3. Paying it forward is good!- but family sometimes is hard-thanks!
    The Colorado shooting is horrible!
    ( With my poem the incident was long ago,I have not been able to
    put anything together until now)

  4. Oh that's sad. Not helping family. With some people it's all about 'show' and not really being honest (even to themselves) at all. This is sad because it's true.

  5. As they say, charity begins in the home. Nicely-pointed 55!

  6. Myrna...
    I know many people like this.
    They have time for everyone in the world except for their own family.
    Thoughtfully written
    Loved your 55.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  7. What an irony ~ I like your take, short but telling of a bigger family issue and concern ~

    Have a good weekend ~

  8. busy taking care of everyone else but not her own fam...sorry that is just wrong....

  9. Sad ... Such a message in the way you have with words.

  10. It goes like that. Some of us are far-sighted.

  11. Very poignant, at times we focus too much on everything around us and forget that which lies closest to us.
    I hope you are well dear friend, wishing you a great week,

  12. So eloquent. In a few vivid images you have highlighted a sad truth. We often overlook the people closest to us as needing our kindness. I played the kindness game with my daughter when she was young. You got one point for every nice thing you did for others during the day. You got double points for doing something nice for someone in your family!

  13. My sweet Myrna,
    This is a wake up call for many of us!! It certainly had a nice twist and words of truth. Great write my dear! Yes, you keep getting better and