Thursday, April 12, 2012


Tenderly, the psychotherapist said, "You're okay."
The girl never returned.
The termination summary read,
"Measurable progress not made."

Time continued as it does, folding
on itself, happening at once,
unseen, invisible illusion.
Years later, the girl called.
"Your words instigated my leap,
quantum but magnum in force
creating health. Now I'm okay."
Progress was unrecorded.

Chaz at Dverse Poets has challenged us to write about something scientific. This is the best I can do, based on my resistance to purely behavioral methods as a therapist.
I'm also submitting to G- Man for Friday Flash 55.


  1. see that is a slacker therapist to me...i love hearing how my kids are doing when i am done with them...i ran into one the other day from 7 years ago...he is working at DSS now helping kids find a home...

  2. Myrna,

    I suppose it can happen, that time itself can be a healer...

    Best Regards,
    I hope that you are finding each day, making life a little easier for you Myrna.

  3. So it goes. Nobody can tell us if we are OK or not. Only we can.

  4. I appreciate the terse irony you captured in this, like a poetic essay from Hilaire Belloc, with a double twist on the recorded and unrecorded prognosis.

  5. Very nice take...I think internal change can never be captured and recorded. No post or pre-testing can measure it ~

  6. It's amazing how much of the human mind we yet do not understand. I'm from the RD Laing school of psychology, where sickness is sometimes the cure, were we only to understand that insanity might have its place in bringing a being back to equilibrium with itself.

  7. progress was unrecorded made me think of lab books and how scientists are trained to meticulously take that it's ALWAYS recorded, in case something happens.

  8. A look at the mind is a great take on the prompt, but you scared me with the words "instigated my leap." Phew.

    The human brain hides many unknown powers in its folds. I totally believe the power to heal is one of them. The psychiatrist's words were like a key to unlock that power.

    Thank you for visiting and commenting. I love company.

  9. if progress is made in the forest and no one hears it, has it happened?

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral


  10. this was along a similar lines to my own addition. I think in society we place a certain emphashis on science and particulalry certain froms of psychiatry/counselling as being the magic bullets- when in reality, the key to unlocking our pains and depressions is actually ourselves...very well written, lovely interlocking rythme and ryhme...

  11. nice to seeing you over at dVerse myrna..and really like the poem you came up with..sometimes time can heal the wounds i think...sometimes it needs a bit more..not always easy to know..

    1. Nice to meet yah- and I like your 55 ! thanks.
      I am not much of a fan of behaviorists either-

  12. ...psychotherapists are often worthless, I think, as they usually tell us what we already know... and can easily be fooled by veteran "customers". BUT that is my take on them ... I've just known too many people who have NOT really benefited from them. I DO know there are some good ones out there who do a wonderful service for some...

    I LOVED your take on this.

  13. I like your creative take on the prompt. I guess one way or another we all find our way to what we need for growth.

  14. Myrna...!
    Missed you.
    Loved your 55
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  15. Myrna
    thanks for your thoughtful visit
    a leap of any kind is wonderful in lives of those so fragile
    recorded or not

    so many hugs...

  16. Your 55 (and congrats on making it a dVerse write as well...I missed this week, darn) simply resonates with me in ways I cannot explain. Suffice to say that a loved one who has helped many is now in need of help. This gives me hope.

  17. I try to tell myself that I'm okay" although the doctors and psychiatrists say I'm not, but after all, who knows me better than I know myself? They see me for 15 minutes every now and then and listen to what I want to say.

    1. Myrna I am sorry your Mother passed- Spring can have that effect- My Mom went into the Hospital on Easter and passed on Mother's day- many years ago- but I still think about her.
      Thanks for visiting!

  18. Oh I love this - a testament to the power of positive thought!!!

  19. I so believe this could happen, Myrna. We become what we believe we are. The girl believed she was okay, was affirmed by her therapist...and she leaped!