Friday, January 6, 2012



Through windows I watched,

torturous swirls hungrily devouring space,

laughing, howling, clawing

as it played, uncaring

that some cannot bend, survive

sporadic rules of a chaotic game.

Unafraid inside, safely rooted,

protected by reliable warmth,

serenity's spirit caressing

constant, secure order.

Silent pulsing breath of home,

no storm outside can sway.


About a month ago, winds were so strong in Southern New Mexico that a piece of my roof was blown away. Later, right before Christmas we had a snow storm. Roads were closed and many holiday travelers were forced to seek shelter in small towns. I imagine many didn't reach their destinations on time.

Typically, the weather is a non-issue here. The sun usually smiles daily. I wondered if the gods had gone crazy.

Then I wondered how I would respond to seriously tragic weather storms or tragedies of life. I hope I never find out, though I've already had many glimpses. I do know that life proceeds with its inevitable storms of varying degrees.

Am I prepared? I think all I can do for now is cultivate a place within me, an inner home, that is stable, unchanging and confident. It nourishes me now as I observe and reflect on nature's ways - a chaotic stability I don't fully understand. Truth is that ready or not, life goes on.

Though hospitality is desirable, this home I cannot share. You must find your own. It is beautiful and unique.


  1. ugh i hope you do not have to find out for sure...the last couple years have been really crazy weather years as well...i hope that is not a sign of things to come...wishing you well myrna

  2. I enjoyed your post, Myrna.

    I would sure love to visit New Mexico again, especially now that it's rain and nothing but rain here in Oregon.

  3. the last two days over here have been very stormy as almost blown off the highway yesterday.. i like the ..Silent pulsing breath of home... in the middle of the storm..

  4. Mother Nature sure is flexing her muscle all over the place! So unpredictable.

  5. Hello Myrna. Happy New Year!
    That sky sure does look foreboding.
    Here in Pennsylvania, the weather is all over the place. We had severe chill/frost a few days ago, now the temp has warmed up a bit. I blame this "can't make up its mind" weather for my wife's cough which she's had for the longest while & doesn't seem to be able to get rid of.

    Thanks for sharing & visiting. Always a pleasure to see your smiling face.

    Golden Footprints

  6. To find the stability within... to make it home brings comfort despite the hurricanes or storms that wipe out all that is not within....
    I do hope mother nature is kind to all...

  7. Words of wisdom, Myrna. We all find to find a calm within us to sustain the weather conditions.

    I hope you are well and safe.

    Joy always,

  8. Love that image as I have been in New Mexico on two occasions and it shows a very intriguing landscape.;))
    As for your beautiful metaphor here, I think when disasters strikes, we find a hidden strength within and react completely differently than we might think. It is always difficult to put yourself in an unthinkable situation, which you might be able to handle so much better than you think.;) But I hope your life will remain storm free free and unharmed.;)

  9. We have experienced some really wild weather in New Mexico. Exciting, but frightening too. Still, the challenges sometimes do us a favor making us rise to the strength we didn't know we possessed. Lovely post!