Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Little Boy

I leap into your eyes without consent
ashamedly seeking to steal a little
essence flowing free
from fountains of joy
restrained and forgotten by me
dying in grown up norms,
civility's expected requirements.

Your laughter's song serenades
dormant tickles in my soul
awakening and stirring faint
memories in lunatic dances
that pop ruling bubbles of convention.

In your happy presence I wallow
humbly grateful, quizzical for reason
to deserve that you are, treasure
in my life, unexpected gift
beyond known generosity
I cannot match, except to wish
you something so __________
for which no word exists.

For Ian, my little grandson, who turns two this week.

(Submitted to DVerse Poets where you're sure to find some fantastic poetry.)


  1. this lovely gift of a poem is but the card on the gift of yourself and your love that he receives from you!!!

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu;

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  2. Myrna, this truly does nourish my soul. I pray each morning for childlike innocence but it's so hard to remember with all the norms of adulthood. Thanks for the reminder in this moment.

  3. smiles...what a beautiful verse...he brings light to your life and through your words to ours as well...i never want to grow up...smiles.

  4. That is a the best gift you could ever give your grandson... He will cherish this I am sure of it... or should I say his mom will until he is ready to have it!

  5. Can truly tell he helps you shine a little brighter, great verse.

  6. l love this!!! Especially:

    "Your laughter's song serenades
    dormant tickles in my soul
    awakening and stirring faint
    memories in lunatic dances
    that pop ruling bubbles of convention."

    ~Shawna (iamthat-shawna.blogspot.com)

  7. I don't know how to express this fully but your poem was so moving. so hauntingly beautiful... more please!

  8. How lovely it is to steal from someone's eyes. I wish I could do that. I think I have done that many times. A very happy birthday to Ian from me.Myrna, please give him a tight hug and kiss from me. Tell him that it is from Susan, a friend of Gramma's.

    Joy always,

  9. What a beautiful poem resonating with so much love and joy.;) He is also a very cute boy, you must be a proud grandma.;))

  10. i bet you are the best grandmother ever myrna...he's such a cutie - love the leap into his eyes...happy birthday to ian

  11. Indeed to steel a moment of their edge, their bright eyes and contentment. Wishing Ian a very happy Birthday! Hope you both enjoy a very special day.

  12. beautiful.

    stay proud of being a grand mother.

  13. Your poem is a loving gift to a beautiful child. Thanks for sharing it here.

  14. I knew from the love in the words exactly who that beautiful boy was. Such a wonderful tribute to him and one that I understand fully with my heart.

  15. Hello.
    This is beautiful. I can definitely feel your love for Ian.

    Thanks for sharing.

    The Sweet Voice Of Love