Sunday, September 11, 2011


Grief inevitably permeates, yet
amidst sorrow, blessings
abound, often hidden, buried
in emotional rubble, waiting
for recognition, they remain
invisible. Like untouched children,
drowned by neglectful indifference,
alone they die, to yearn rebirth.


These are sad times, chaotic times, ugly times. But in this dualistic world, for all its evil there must be at least an equal amount of good. I hope to dwell in it.

My blessings are too many to count. However, as I sit here, my husband happily searching for recipes on his laptop, my dogs chasing rabbits in their dreams, the house still like my mountains - I realize my blessings are all contained in this moment. I am grateful.


(Sandy, from "Writing in Faith", wrote about a meme - "Blog Your Blessings". It no longer exists but luckily we don't need a meme for this. May your blessings be endless.)


  1. smiles. i like your attitude myrna..and living in the positive side of life...i think the world needs more light...and the poeple to bring it...

  2. Hello..greetings from Asia... nice coming by to visit you...
    We are indeed thankful to our Lord.. His blessings upon us are endless..for each day, we must thank Him..both great and small...

    Have a nice day!

  3. Your words go straight to my heart. Thank you for this, my friend.

    I love your attitude. YOU are a blessing.

  4. Indeed today was a day of reflection and thankfulness for all that we have around us. These are difficult times, yet many are still truly blessed by the sacrifices of that day and many since then.

  5. I am grateful for today as well. Myrna, what does it take to live like this everyday? I don't do it as often as I should be.

    Joy always,

  6. There is sadness in life to be sure. Still, the moments of content, of joy, and of happiness exist too. I'm glad when we recognize them. Lovely post, Myrna!

  7. Beautiful thoughts dear Myrna and reflecting my own sentiments.;) I feel happiness consist of those short moments of simple pleasures; it takes nothing more then a natural wonder, or an afternoon in silence just being next to the ones we love.;)
    Lovely post.;)

  8. "But in this dualistic world, for all its evil there must be at least an equal amount of good. I hope to dwell in it." Oh Myrna, me too. Blessings are abundant if only we open our hearts to receive them.

    Your writing is so beautiful, I'm so glad I dropped by this evening.