Thursday, September 15, 2011


“Get that *&%#$@ing food away from me,” she yelled as her face gnarled in hatred toward the young man who was serving her. The outburst exploded into silence as the other nursing home diners, stunned, raised eyebrows in judgmental awe.

Slowly, the dinning room was filled once again with the collective hum of voices. Some talked about her. Others talked about the food, their children, the weather. All eventually ignored her rude and loud complaints as they unconsciously fought for protection from the ugly, ethereal dark mist of energy she exuded with every breath.

I observed and wondered. “What caused this bitterness?” “Why is this old woman so mean and unhappy?”

Immediately, I projected into my future with hopes and imaginings. I envisioned myself sick and old, in a nursing home. Who will I be? After some consideration, I concluded that I'd like to be happy, to still be able to enrich the lives of others if only with a smile or a look. I want to be at ease with the moment, with nature and myself regardless of the circumstance.

Then I realized that in order to accomplish that, I must begin to practice now because we die the way we live.

"While I thought I have been learning how to live, I have been learning how to die."

Leonardo Da Vinci


  1. So powerful and so true! Thank you, Myrna, for reminding us!

  2. true that on dying the way we live...nice little life lesson here takes preparation....

  3. Great moment well conveyed!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    We are crazed moving! Please excuse my absence!

    Comfort Spiral

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  4. Such is the indignities of our last seasons. You have captured ever so real moments for some. I am like you, hoping that in those final days, those final needs, that the spirit of happiness, maybe contentment rests on these lips for those around me.

    Beautiful post. Great life lesson shared.

  5. my mom was working in an old people nursing home for a long time and she told the weirdest stories and she sometimes said if you're getting old you have no longer the power to hide what is inside if there's beauty and you're getting weak...there will still be beauty around even if old and sick...just saying...

  6. The quote is beautiful. Never read anything so profound. Even I would like to be happy happy.

    I wish you happiness, joy and contentment always, dear Myrna.

    Mountains of Joy,

  7. I do think we are the same people when we are old, but with fewer filters. If we are angry and bitter, it shows more. If we are content within ourselves, it shows too. I'm sorry for people who live angry and bitter. I hope not to be like that. You never will Myrna.

  8. Oh I agree. I think some people simply do not know how to enjoy life and they will never change.;))
    Beautiful sentiments and thoughts.;))