Thursday, September 8, 2011


Maybe you've wondered - "What could have happened to her? She didn't post too often but she was a regular."

In order to explain my unintended absence, I decided to give you some short glimpses of what's been going on with me. Unfortunately, it's not been anything glamorous or particularly exciting, it's been mostly frustrating.

First of all, I spent a few wonderful days baby-sitting my grandson:

I kept up a little with your blogs though I didn't post. I'm always unrealistic with my good intentions to keep connected. I'm also always in complete awe of a toddler's energy, which drains mine and leaves me exhausted.

Once home, I discovered I had no Internet service.

A speed upgrade was included as a bundling package. My husband, Mr. Thrifty, decided this was a great idea. However, he was not informed that we needed a different modem. Once he was informed, he didn't order the company modem in order to buy one locally so we could have it sooner.

Then I continued to have no Internet service.

Several modems were purchased. None of them were the right ones. We visited and explored all the electronic stores and electronic departments in our town. Not a proper modem could be found. So, hubby finally ordered the company's modem which arrived day before yesterday but would not be activated 'til last night.

We (the technology geniuses that we are) kept trying to connect it to an old computer that doesn't support whatever it is it needs to support. So, today I hooked it up to a laptop after it took me about an hour to retrieve some security code which I had written incorrectly.

Why didn't I go to Starbucks?

As if I wasn't sufficiently frustrated by not being able to connect to my friends from home, it was utterly inconvenient for me to leave to get free WiFi from local cafes. I was having wood floors put in. Do you know how long forever is? That's how long this has taken. The house has become the house of horrors. We're still putting furniture back and the dust remains infinite.

To top it off...

Frustration culminated yesterday when as I opened the door to let the dogs out, Leroy ran to a group (don't know proper term) of newborn rats that had been deposited in the dog run. He grabbed one in his mouth. I chased him, he spit it out, I screamed and screamed like a madwoman. Can you visualize this?

And before I went to bed last night I was bitten by a scorpion.


I know these highlights do more to explain the craziness of my life than the absence from my blog. Still, hope you understand and know that I missed you who give me such great doses of sanity.


  1. Oh my you have been busy.... I do hope things have settled down... I am glad to see you back here...

  2. Myrna,

    I'm sorry to read about your recent troubles. It makes me feel good that I have only had to worry about a basket of laundry, after my holiday!!!

    Good luck,

  3. oh my!
    How generous of you to make US feel better, LOL.

    I know it will all turn your way soonest, friend!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  4. a scorpion? you are ok right? no internet stinks...sorry...glad you broke silence least you had fun playing with the little right?

  5. Myrna, I WAS beginning to worry about you! I understand your frustrations, too. I agree with Brian....bitten by a scorpion????? I thought they were deadly!! I assume there are different kinds?? Please let us know more about it!! Hugs to deserve some restful days.

  6. Hello Myrna.
    Thank you for lovely comment. I have returned rested & refreshed from my Caribbean vacation and am ready to immerse myself back into blogland.

    I see you have had your own set of troubles while I was gone. I'm with Brian & Becky...hope you are ok from the scorpion bite.

    Best wishes/hugs and I hope everything calms down soon.

    Under Blinking Stars

  7. Oh Myrna! I'm so sorry you got bitten by that nasty bug. Ouch! And I'm sorry about the pup and the little rat baby. Oy vey! What a day. Add on to the turmoil having contractors and the dust all over! Yuck! Still I'm sure the floors will look awesome when they are finished! I love hardwood floors. We have them throughout the house. And I'm glad you spent time with your munchkin too! Take it easy and I have missed you very much!

  8. What an interesting life you lead, Myrna :) I hope you are OK after the scorpion sting. That doesn't sound nice at all. Computers are like cars - great when everything's doing what it should. I've wondered myself why it takes them so loooooong to plug you into a plan.

  9. oh goodness myrna...rats and scorpions...sound like you're living in an adventure are you fine..? hugs and love your way..

  10. Now that all the troubles are gone, we are happy to have you back again. And, yes, I did picture you screaming. Scorpion!!!! I hope you are alright now.

    Joy always and peace as well,

  11. glad to see you back.


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