Sunday, May 1, 2011


The lady in the mirror inspects her roots
sprouting grey silver amidst reddish strands
once vibrantly brown, now tarnished
wilted vanity deceiving no one
as time inevitably reveals nature untamed.

In her eyes I catch glimpses of grief
struggling to be suppressed within hope -
cosmetic delusion striving to conjure
grandiose ideas of future youthful living
during those so called golden years.

I watch a smile almost appear
when the ancient deity, Sophia,
whispers radical thoughts of consternation.
"Allow your grey to grow! Be a proud crone!
Let your liberating crown of wisdom show."

For only an instant does the lady consider
superhuman courage for Goddess Sophia.
The lady is smart enough, after all, to know
divine wisdom does not through color,
or its absence flow.

I smile when I see the lady wink
needing no more time to think.
The beauty expert's talents she'll employ,
to extend the pretense of youth and joy


My mother and grandmother did not have grey hair until they were probably in their seventies. I was certain I was genetically blessed. However, genetics played a trick on me. I've had grey hair for many years now and am not at all curious about how much of my hair is still dark brown. Instead, I color it and enjoy seeing a more youthful, vain lady in the mirror.


  1. so we going to get to see an after picture of the lady and her coloring? hmm...smiles...a playful verse...and thank goodness for wisdom eh?

  2. I love my grey but I am still vain..... Playful poem

  3. Nice one, Myrna. It sometimes is that for some people, grey does not suit their young face.

    Hope you are doing well, Myrna.

    Joy always,

  4. Loved the poem, Myrna. :)) Welcome back - I know you got back a while ago - but I was away and missed your posts. Is my friend Leroy back and behaving? :)

  5. When I was very young (as in childhood) I thought similar thoughts until I grew my first grey hair before my mother did.... I was eleven! Though I have aged a little more gracefully than greying altogether at a young age. Now when I look in the mirror and see the few, I still smile looking back at how petrified I was at the first.

  6. well realized, dear

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral




  7. Hi, Myrna! I'm starting to see a few silver stragglers as well. I enjoyed your poem :D

  8. Good for you, Myrna! I've colored my hair for a while, too. I've got wrinkles and saggy skin....I don't need the grey hair to make me feel and/or look even older!

  9. Myrna, I love this. But I must point out, if God didn't want us to color our hair, he would not have invented Clairol. (Signed, another vain lady).

  10. Well-crafted and clever poem dear Myrna! And unique in content as well.
    ~ blessings

  11. I have not a gray hair in my head (my colorist assures me, otherwise the texture would now be different), but the color has grown mousy and blaaah over the I've been playing with color for the pure joy of it since my college days (unusual colors back in the 80's of course)...I say have fun and enjoy, why not?