Monday, March 21, 2011

Gardens Still Remaining

You failed to notice my glance
during an ordinary, still moment
when you sighed, looking
at your empty garden, envying

Stealthily, I crawled in your thoughts
deep privacy that recalled, bounty
of past harvests produced
from fresh fertile soil
where roots took hold of life
thirsting for creation.

You wondered if it's worth it
to keep planting in barren earth
with only uncertainty's promise
of sprouting something raw
in soils exploited constantly
by the violence of the elements,
and human nature's flaws.

You sighed again. Unnoticed
I retreated from your mind.
Then thoughts you spoke announcing
plans of soon implanting
hopeful seeds of plenty,
soulful actions recreating
hopeful colors of sunbeams
watered by the wells
of wishes still remaining
in the gardens of your dreams.

(Submitted to One Shot Poetry a site where poets and artists meet.)


  1. Your poem seems to pick up speed in an impassioned, rapid tone. I like it.

  2. This was lovely. I am a gardener. I love my hands in the earth and the promise of "what might come".

  3. A gardener from way back, (the first two books I wrote were gardening books) this strikes a chord with me.

  4. myrna, myrna, how does your garden grow...smiles. plant a thought, reap a habit...

  5. Hi Myrna,

    I am rally enjoying your posts and look forward to giving you something to read ;) Thanks for following!

  6. Myrna I am no gardener but am eager to see the pictures of how your garden will blossom into vibrant colors like yourself.

  7. Oh, the beckoning of the garden, growth bursting from seeds planted, wishes welling up from the soil.

  8. Myrna, two different tracks, here: the seen and the unseen. I like the way you have merged both these states of conscious in your poem. The juxtaposition between "i" and "you" are quite poignant, Myrna.

    Joy always,

    P. S: I miss your prose. Could we grace it once in a while?

  9. if you plant it, it may grow...nurturing helps

    Peace, hp

  10. Oh love gardening. Beautiful! Excited to get my hands in the dirt, soon.

  11. This is wonderful on many levels. Beautiful.

  12. I love this line "watered by the wells
    of wishes still remaining in the gardens of your dreams" so beautiful~

  13. Aww.. lovely! It's amazing how you just "feel" from within, the need to do something even when everything else around seems to go against it... instincts do indeed play a very important role in our lives.. don't they? So beautifully written, Myrna... I hope this garden blossoms and prospers!!!

  14. Maybe I read into it, but relationships are like a garden. Your poem encouraged me.

  15. think it's always worth planting...and it will grow..never ever give up myrna!

  16. so much beauty to be found in the garden of words...I love this phrasing "from fresh fertile soil where roots took hold of life
    thirsting for creation." Exquisite!

  17. I am soooo looking forward to watching your garden grow. Inspirational and lyrically, beautiful!

  18. fertile!

    Aloha to you
    from Waikiki!

    Comfort Spiral



  19. Beautiful! I especially love the last few lines....."the gardens of your dreams"......lovely.

  20. Your poem seems to pick up speed in an impassioned , I love it.