Friday, March 18, 2011


The spirit of war oozes
hate pollinating fertile grounds
believing codes of lies
shielded with strong armor.

Undefeated death resuscitates
words of faith
provoking courage
cloaked in loyalty's honor.

Romance weaves a tale
lauding powerful aggression
protecting, defending
ideologies, false truths.

Wise warriors for...something
the need for killing proclaim
in the beginning and always
forever and ever, amen.

Yet others go within
to dwell in passive knowing
that peace can reign eternal
in the stillness of the heart.

In prayerful isolation
not even hope as a sword
by the might of love enlightened
quietly, they wage no war.


  1. The photo is a prompt from Brian Miller at One Shot Poetry. Please visit and treat yourself to some great reading.

    Isn't this a stunning work of art? (The sculture I mean.)

  2. Myrna, I think the sculpture pales next to your stunning poetry.

  3. love the last lines!

    Warm Aloha to you
    from Honolulu!

    Comfort Spiral



  4. smiles. thank you for the response myrna...that stillness of heart is elusive in the world in which we is the bended knee beyond praying that we win the next conquest...but i still believe in peace...

  5. Myrna I love your way with words & such an important favorite line ~ peace can reign eternal in the stillness of the heart
    hope you are well

  6. peace is the enjoyment of life.
    lovely delivery of your message,
    Happy Saturday.

  7. Undefeated death resuscitates words of faith.... I relate to it as a burning hope that never dies but is being pursued with conviction..
    Interesting poem Myrna

  8. Beautiful, Myrna. I love this phrase, 'by the might of love enlightened' ......Love indeed is powerful and with prayer is the only way to peace.

    PS: How's my buddy Leroy doing?

  9. Beautiful, deep much to ponder writings! Hope you enjoy a nice weekend.

  10. Oh this was beautifully romantic reflecting the time of romance, chivalry and most of all - death. I am sure life lived during the times of knights was as passionate as it was risky and uncertain.
    Have a lovely weekend dear friend,

  11. i always love to watch knight movies and read about this time - but so true - in all the passion and romance - it's about war and keeping peace. good respond to the prompt myrna

  12. so beautiful my friend, so beautiful.

    peace, shanti, shalom, salaam, pax

  13. You are a good and compassionate woman. This is a beautiful poem.