Friday, November 5, 2010

Let's Switch

I wonder what you'd do
if you were I and I were you.
Industrial you'd be, you know
Produced to die once you grow.

To no avail you'd cry and squirm
No one cares if you're infirm.
My palate and my purse is all that'd matter
Your natural instincts and urges I'd shatter.

Who'd care about your sleep deprivation?
After all, you're destined for termination.
Others unnaturally suffering too
in desperation will try to kill you.

Quickly you'll all go insane
No escape from torture - only pain.
With injections your flesh we would treat
to become yummy, delectable meat.

And when occasionally we consume
something different without plumes
all us chickens may compare,
"Tastes just like human," we'll declare.
Sorry about this one, but couldn't miss the opportunity to write about the cruelties of factory farming.
Once again thanks to Willow for her prompt at Magpie Tales.


  1. ..and i'm glad you didn't miss the opportunity to write about this...well done myrna...well done!

  2. A very poignant one, this Magpie. I have never heard of 'factory-farming' before but can assess the cruelty by this post.

    I wish you a happy weekend, dear Myrna.

    Joy always,

  3. Oh, I loved this!! Very clever:)
    "Tastes just like human" LOL!

  4. tastes like human...ha. its a wonder they have not turned on us yet.. definitely poignant. my magpie will be up in about 2 hours...

  5. clever and quite the creepy vision!

    poignant, yes

  6. Solid work, radical & disturbing for some, I'm guessing. Not so much for me, I've dated militant vegans... so relatable work.

  7. and well done too!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral



  8. Yes, role reversal says a lot about our depraved ways.

  9. I was thinking of going this way, but I love what you wrote.

  10. "With injections your flesh we would treat, to become yummy, delectable meat.
    "..not to different of what certain humans do for vanity; a factory of plastic look-alikes. Poor chickens! I feel so guilty after reading your brilliant poem :(

  11. I wonder what you'd do
    if you were I and I were you.
    Industrial you'd be, you know
    Produced to die once you grow.

    it is such a perfect piece,
    lovely rhymes,
    you are smarter and wiser day by day.
    Keep it up.

  12. This needs to be in an advert... have you thought about it?

  13. Myrna,

    I think it is a great piece. I tend to live as an ostrich about this subject. I make fun but truly, I do not buy tyson for this very reason. I buy another brand that makes claims to not being a factory farm but who really knows for sure. I wish I could stopping eating animals as I truly am an animal lover. I've tried so many times and I always fail.
    Wonderful piece.

  14. Great critique of consumerism

  15. i've already commented on this...but thought i'll wish you a lovely weekend!

  16. Myrna! I'm only going to buy a free range organic turkey! This was awesome (and awful at the same time)! Love it!

  17. Very well expressed! Great Magpie.

  18. Very poignant. I believe that every living things deserves to live and die with dignity.

  19. I really like the line "My palate and my purse is all that'd matter". Well done, Myrna.

  20. A very clever poem on a serious topic - good for you. I find it unbelievable there arent stricter regulations about the treatment of animals raised for food. Loved the line about tasting like humans. Good one! Well done.

  21. This poem breaks my heart.

    Thank you.

  22. Hi, Myrna -- Jo here from 'Rabbit Food' thanking you for stopping by on my 'BON' day.

    Your thoughtful comment lead me to your blog where I am your new follower upon reading your equally thoughtful prose on factory farming.

    Kudos to you for taking a stand and helping to enlighten others.

    Thank you, again, so much for your kind words and support -- hoping my little 'Rabbit Food' blog gains more support. You are a great example of that!

    So pleased to make your acquaintance -- looking forward to getting to know more about you -- excited to poke around! Am also going to check out your writing blog as I also have a blog titled 'Stranger Than Diction' where I am in the midst of posting an original story.

    Okay, I'll quit being narcissistic and verbose now. :D

    With thanks and sincerity -- wishing you peace, serenity and joy now and always in your continued enlightenment,

  23. There is much animal cruelty, sometimes we need to be reminded that some of our food does have feelings and pain and maybe dreams too...bkm

  24. Thanks for writing about this. Factory farming is a big problem and we need more attention brought to it.