Monday, November 29, 2010


Often I go to wallow in nature's beauty.
Along with me you romp, joy exuding.
Silly you must think, a human's yearning
to observe what's been infused,
the fabric of all beings.
Then I realize I needn't go far to see
what you try to teach me. My guru,
my friend, a mirror reflecting
All of nature within you resides
yet, the Universe simply lives
you - no pride.
So, when I feel I need to contemplate
the cosmos, the world and all
I glance at you.
You enthrall.

I recently read a tip for bloggers: "Never write about your dog!" Sorry if I'm breaking a blogging rule.

We've had Daisy for over a year now. We adopted and her from a rescue shelter. She had been a victim of abuse and now she's blind in one eye. I call her my one eyed Buddha because she's full of wisdom and joy and if I paid close attention, she could teach me how to live.

Some do not appreciate her beauty. They think she's funny looking with her tongue always hanging out, buck teeth, and one eye. I tell them beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think her eye somehow sees beauty in me.

I am entering this in Jingle Poetry. Visit the blog and enter your own poem or just read some good writing.


  1. super cute,
    you rock!
    love the image.

  2. Daisy is truly beautiful. I would kiss her pretty face. Nobody told me you can't write about your dogs! LOL! I just wish I could do it as elegantly as you do!

  3. ha. my rule...write whatever you want...i have read the blogging rules and break them often...and your dog is a great thing to write about...they do know how to live life...

  4. Dogs have a way of revealing the world around them. If only humans were half as observant.Two years ago I rescued a dog that had been beaten severely. Only a few teeth, hearing damaged, and one leg destroyed. Called the dog, Tripod.

  5. Gotta love Daisy, and keep on writing about her...she is beautiful! :-)

  6. Well, I appreciate her beauty! I have 2 chihauhaus and love them with all my heart. And I blog about them all the time.

  7. Together, you are even MORE beautiful: you and Daisy

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  8. Daisy looks like a wonderful friend, teacher of life. My roomates 'Lucky' is a rescue and lucky to be such. A few years back it was 'Satin' as her fur was like black satin, soft and silky, but she too had been abused and showed signs.

  9. I would say, always write about your dog. What greater inspiration? I can't imagine.

  10. Oh, Myrna. Daisy is beautiful. I can see she has a beautiful, loving heart just by looking at her! And you are such a remarkable writer...I wish you could see that about yourself...hmmmm, maybe Daisy will show you! AND, I didn't even know there WERE blogging rules! I know of many who are pet lovers and that's all their blog is about! So, I say, Write whatever you want to write,,,,and you do it so beautifully!

  11. You were good Myrna and the subject of your poetry wassuper cute :)

  12. Daisy is so beautiful! And good for you for rescuing and adopting this wonderful dog. I agree that animals teach us so much and they always put life in perspective for me. They live in the now and love unconditionally. I'm in awe of all animals.

    Regarding the rule on never writing about your dog I assume that goes for your cat as well and I have broken that "rule" many times. And I'll continue to do so! :)

  13. Oops. "never write about your dog." I'm toast!

  14. who in the world would say NO to write about dogs???? who cares! I love your poem, your photo and I also write about my dogs... freedom of blog! ;)

  15. Oh, why not write about your dog? I write about my cat all the time.;) They are our dear companions and part of our life and we blog about our lives.;)
    Daisy is really cute and what a perfect name as well.;))

  16. excellent posting!

  17. Daisy is adorable and your poem is beautiful and so true. It made me think of my two little dogs, yes, so full of gentle wisdom that they don't even need words to express. Beautiful. Thank you :)

  18. What a nice tribute to Daisy. This is what we seldom do: write about the non-human. I am so glad that you have chosen to do so and also not silly cute things about the usual stuff. You have known her intrinsic value and have written about her. And this also brings out the love and warmth you exude for every being in this world.

    Blessings and joy,

  19. i'm glad you broke the rule! a dog can be a real friend..

  20. Dear Myrna
    I enjoyed it and your end was perfect too... as you know, its something that your innerself relates to, and when it does, then the mind can be peaceful with the rest of the world.. and then it unlocks its deep secrets...
    Thanks for sharing...
    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  21. This made me think of my cats and how amazing it is to watch them as they climb the trees by the river. Animals are so much more authentic than people- they never try to act like something they're not and you always know what they want. The same thing we want- love!

  22. Potluck week 12 awards/treats, Enjoy

    Thank you a ton for the lovely contribution!
    Happy Friday!
    See you next time!