Tuesday, October 26, 2010


No - hate
seethes deeply.
As indifference
you displayed
towards my rushing fingers,
my yearning for
your essence.
You refused me
your light.

Like an unexpected
you left.
Your absence
now filled by another,
not as able to respond,
not fulfilling my wants.
not complying to commands.
Damned frustration!

I endure.
Waiting desperation.
Hopeful indignation.
I dream dreams
of your returning
of our connection resuming
as we travel into space.

Once returned
Your flaws forgotten.
The room again you'll brighten.
We'll click our song once more.
Until perhaps...
your light
again goes dim.
Then, with no thought
no hesitation,
You'll be forever
My laptop has been in the shop for some time now. Don't know if it will survive and we will click again. Meantime, I'm working on this old dinosaur. Damned frustration!!! My husband's laptop? - being fixed too. Ugh!!!

(If anyone followed my link to Words of Wisdom yesterday you may have wondered why I wasn't their Blogger of Note. I am today. I was given the wrong date. Thanks to all who congratulated me yesterday.)


  1. This is so cool! I could never write something like this about a lap top. Maybe. I should try. I'm always so literal, I want to bust out of that! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. what a great way to express the love-hate relationship we have with technology!! I hope your laptop returns to life soon to brighten your room ;)
    ps - I was wondering about WOW's faux pas...on the bright side, you have TWO BON days now! ;)

  3. This is awesome! Love/Hate describes it so perfectly.

  4. smiles. i cant stand it when my laptop gives me trouble...my gateway is a magnet for malware regardless of what i put on it to protect it...so i am on my notebook right now which is teeny tiny...hope yours gets fixed soon...and fun verse....smiles.

  5. Myrna your writing is just wonderful and especially about a lap top! LOL

  6. myrna - i thought you were writing about a man - and was shocked - and all the way, reading down the lines i thought "can't be - can't be..." and then i so had to laugh when i discovered it's about a laptop...oh my...fantastic

  7. Congrats on poem & recognition!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral


  8. I hear you! I know the frustration--with the love of my life. Technology here has been pretty reliable (knock wood). It's the flesh and blood that frazzles me. Your poem hit me on many levels. Made me realize my heart is bigger than I want to admit. Thank you.

  9. Whoa! Relax and unwind. Times as these are to be savoured. Meanwhile wishing your laptop a speedy recovery!

    Joy always,

  10. that laptop must be great, if it can inspire such awesome poem ;)

    love it!

  11. I'm with Claudia on this one! The link to your laptop makes a potentially sad piece suddenly funny. Well written.

  12. you should have just put this in...its a poem. smiles. hope the muse finds you ready...

  13. I thought this was about a human relationship - and it's about your laptop! It's a great poem, I adore it!

    xo Erin

  14. Beautiful poem, so adequately describing the emotions in question.
    Thank you so much for stopping by my place and for your kind comment.;)

  15. Ha! I was so into your poem as a bittersweet love song. You gave me a good chuckle. Thank you for stopping by my blog today.

  16. rewards a second reading. I published a poem today myself :)

  17. You captured the struggle very well with this one.