Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today is my birthday. I'm having fun with my grandson and couldn't come up with something to write, so I'm slightly modifying and posting an entry I made into a small contest. The picture on the right was the prompt.

I hope you have a great week end. I'm having a wonderful day.

She hesitated timidly, obeying the silent whisper in her soul that said, “Go in.”

She looked at the plants and would have walked away, except that something inside kept pushing. The plants were dancing, the flowers singing. Their music was eerie, unnerving. They were mocking her. She hated them for their insolent joy. How dare they!

“Good morning, Paula.” The attendant’s gentle voice startled her and detonated the emotional violent bomb Paula had succeeded in hiding…until now. Paula beat that innocent woman to a pulp.

The Universe sighed as it looked on, knowing that even that could not bring her son back to life.


  1. Happy birthday, Myrna! Hope you have a great day. And I loved your entry to Becky's contest, a very engaging read :)

  2. Happy Bday Myrna!! big hug and best wishes. Loved your story! very Ms.Dalloway

  3. happy birthday! hope you had a wonderful day...we did the boys birthday party today so know we were celebrating for you as twist in your tale...and i feel for her...both of them...

  4. Happy Birthday, friend!

    A surreal story that goes straight to the heart. What remains when love is gone or lost in the form of human life can be cruel just because it is present. (This is why I hate carnations!)

  5. Happy Birthday!
    (love your writing ~ felt the emotion)

  6. Dear Dear Myrna:

    Wishing you everything that needs to complete and complement you: mentally, physically and spiritually.

    You a Libran, like me!!! I am glad that I share my sun-sign with you! Autumn-born people, we are.

    The story had a quick twist and was crisp!

    Joy always,

  7. Happy Birthday Dear Myrna!

    That little story rocked!

  8. Dear Myrna
    Happy Birthday. Better late than never. I wish you lots of love and smiles your way....

  9. Happy Belated Birthday Myrna!
    Your excerpt from your story piqued my interest and I want to read more.

  10. great to hear from you today...smiles. hope the bday was wonderful!

  11. Happy Birthday...
    you deserve happiness.

  12. oh happy belated birthday myrna - so sad the dancing flowers couldn't bring him back to life...

  13. Happy Birthday Myrna, here's wishing you many more And your short story was a power house OMG! Hey, aren't we supposed to give the gifts? Smiles and Thank you.

  14. Happy Happy Birthday Myrna!

    Hauoli La Hanau

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral