Saturday, August 14, 2010


Are you old enough to remember the song, "There is a Rose in Spanish Harlem"? No matter, I don't have a song to replace it, just a much less poetic title about unlikely growth, "There is a Peach Tree in the Desert". This tree was planted, then transplanted, neglected and abused both by the natural elements and its owners, who year after year pessimistically predicted its demise.

Each summer, we picked the tiny, almost fleshless, sour and inedible fruit it produced and told ourselves, "It's time. We should just dig it out and put it out of its misery." But we never had the courage or heart to end its measly attempt at growth and we consoled ourselves by knowing that at least the birds seemed to enjoy its bitter fruit. This year one of its branches broke off making it look even less appealing. Its limb hung pathetically, as if asking for alms.

Out of pity, a little water was dispersed, a little organic compost was spread and it was left alone to dwell in the silence of its dismal existence. With little faith, I held my hands out to it, to give it energy to heal or to go peacefully, as we would do for an old relative, whose life has obviously been spent.

But, this little tree is actually a teacher, a natural guru, whose purpose was hidden within the power of its Source. Clearly, it is a survivor. Nothing has served to deter it from its essential job and reason for being. Humbly, it stands in spite of the apparent absence of beauty, it brushes off all judgment. It seems to laugh as it defies all expectations and this year it produced an abundance that was a total and miraculous surprise.

Like all good teachers, the tree's lessons are unspoken and instead are delivered by example. The lesson that is most impressive to me, is that abundance, which most of us seek to manifest as more money, more things, more external stuff, can actually be more of an internal, perhaps never ending flow of generosity from our Source. I hope I have learned that when I think I have no more to give, there is still an abundance of wealth within me.
It is almost as if much was created from nothing. Quite mystical I think. Oh, and the birds, they are happy that we left a large amount on and around the tree for them to keep enjoying. One can hardly witness such abundance and not be grateful. Thank you, peach tree in the desert.

"Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into."
Wayne Dyer


  1. Beautiful tale, very inspiring and wonderfully moving. You make an excellent point, we should not be concerned with abundant wealth in a material sense, but rather abundant wealth in a moral sense. The Dyer quote was brilliant too, thank you for sharing it :)

  2. Beautiful. The tree knew of its own beauty! I love that definition of abundance. That's where I want to move my focus- to what's on the inside. My spirit deserves so much more attention than my checkbook!

  3. abundance! what a easily confused with earnings, right? those peaches look lovely by the way! the tree knew when to make a point indeed - the more you give the more you get back to keep giving! that should be the cycle. Thanks for being so generous!(thanks for your lovely comment in my post)

  4. Imagine the feeling when you know you have 'abundance' A better feeling when you can share it and pass it along....
    Lessons we learn from nature........
    Myrna those peaches look yummy!

  5. A gorgeous post. I remember that song, and I love the spirit in which you write!