Friday, July 23, 2010


I was sitting on a sofa in the middle of a huge room which was mostly full of space, since only a little table at the far end corner served as decor. As I sat there, not knowing how I got there or what to do, I realized I was not in any ordinary room. Though I couldn't see clearly, I could tell there were elaborate art displays on the walls; some were murals, others paintings and all the walls had some type of intricate scroll designs.

I looked up and saw a grand dome way high above me. Strangely, the cupola had begun to turn and began to open. Suddenly, I was immersed in paralyzing fear. It filtered through my body and my entire being. I felt I was suspended in time. As I sat there, my eyes fixated above me, I perceived that slowly, gradually some faces started to become visible until I was able to clearly see three figures whose size matched the enormous dimensions of the dome.

Inside the now open hole of the dome there appeared an older man with a rugged face and a deep stare which left no doubt about his authority and power. Next to him was a young man with lovely, long brown hair. His face was gentle and kindness exuded from his eyes. The third face was framed in long wavy hair and what was most pronounced was a playful, friendly yet almost devilish smile in spite of the loving, tinkling eyes. The faces stared at me for a while that seemed eternal. My blank gaze beamed back at them.

Suddenly, the third face with the questionable smile somehow moved upward, thereby revealing the top part of the torso and displaying a colossal pair of full, voluptuous, sensual BREASTS. We then both broke out in hysterical laughter, sharing our inside joke, as the two other figures watched stoically. "I knew it! I knew it!" I shouted as I rolled on the sofa as if I were being tickled by an angel.

This happened many years ago, when some people I knew were adamant that God was a man. I would make them wildly angry by vehemently defending the existence of the Divine Feminine. At the time, they thought I was weird. It's funny, the things we humans think are important.

"We'd like you to come with us," the Woman was finally able to say before She giggled for the last time. I took a minute before I realized the significance of Her invitation. "Thank You. Thank You so, so much. Oh my God, Thank You. Thank You for picking me. But please, can I stay here longer? Please, I would still like to spend more time with my family; finish raising my daughter." I happened to glance sideways and there they were - my husband and my daughter, who was a pre-adolescent, sitting calmly on the sofa by my side. My heart melted at their sight.

When I looked up again, the dome hole was closing...and I woke up.


A few minutes later, the nurse came in to take my temperature. I had been running a dangerously high fever. "Hum," she said. "That's odd, your fever broke."

After a most uncomfortable examination that morning the doctor had warned me, "I think we're going to have to perform surgery. That lymph node in your throat is growing so much that it could restrict your breathing. I don't understand why you have such inflammation," he talked more to himself than to me. "There's no evidence of an infection anywhere else in your body, which is usually what causes this." The doctor's dubious diagnosis did little to provide hope.

Pain and the embarrassing swelling that made me look a little like a bull frog were the major symptoms of the mysterious malady that attacked my lymph node...until that day, when the high fever gave the doctor more reason to be alarmed. But, when he came in that afternoon, he could not disguise his perplexity. "I can't understand it, but let's just be glad it's happening. Your fever's gone and it looks like the swelling is going down. Let's see what happens in the next few hours."

I was discharged from the hospital the next day, with no evidence of illness and to this day - no repercussions. Need I say anything about gratitude?

"The most incredible thing about miracles is that they happen."

G.K. Chesterton

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