Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Richard Bartlett and Matrix Energetics

"Miracles aren't contrary to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature."
St. Augustine
I am now a participant in the magic of Matrix Energetics, the mysterious yet visibly effective and real practice of creating miracles while exploring the field of infinite possibilities - the one we sometimes acknowledge but too often hold within the realm of doubt and skepticism. I attended a level 1 & 2 seminar conducted by Richard Bartlett, the founder and developer of Matrix Energetics. I strongly recommend this to anyone seeking to approach their life and reality from a totally different and exciting perspective.

My dramatic initiation into Matrix Energetics occurred prior to my attendance at this seminar. A friend, who had attended a seminar, explained it to me a little, then I read one of Richard Bartlett's books and I immediately started using it. Although, at the time, I felt I didn't know what I was doing, the results of my dabbling were quite incredible - relationships healed, people changed (as did I), I witnessed physical healing even in pets, and once I actually brought a TV "back to life". Now, when I say I was doing something, you understand it wasn't really me; as Richard is quick to point out, the person really does nothing, except, as I interpret it, open up and enter the field of all possibilities.

Matrix Energetics is a very different kind of course in miracles. It lacks the sovereignty, piety and reverence of any spiritual program I know. Yet, if you're seeking to invigorate and accelerate your spiritual journey, this is definitely for you. I do not formally speak for it, but I can attest to the fact that part of its requirements, not that there really are any, is that you must be open to surprises. I consider Richard Bartlett to be a modern day eccentric mystic, who is genuinely invested in sharing what he has discovered. He possesses an incredible sense of humor, which is often more evident, sometimes only evident to himself, but which clearly allows him the vision and receptivity to continue to expand and explore things we all may have considered impossible. He seems to have few inhibitions, and thus, he tests ours as he models true freedom from our preconceived, internal, mental programs.

"I am realistic, I expect miracles."
Wayne Dyer

Although, it speaks of miracles, Matrix Energetics strives to reconcile and incorporate scientific evidence and support. Ingeniously, Richard Bartlett succeeds in blending science and magic to bring forth this unique and enthralling voyage into the recesses of our subconscious.

In the past, whenever I attended a religious or spiritual retreat, workshop or other type of growth inducing process, I was able to maintain its mystique while I was in attendance. Too often, as soon as the event ended, I found myself returning to the same routines, the same modes of relating to others, and the same struggles with my inner self - in essence I returned to the same old patterns, which kept me enslaved in an existence focused on limitations. Today, I still feel the same enthusiasm and vigor about Matrix Energetics as I did when I first encountered it. The seminar strengthened my resolve to remain in the field where all is possible and to continue using Matrix Energetics to bring some healing and peace to myself and others. I can almost tangibly see the change in me. I am more than energized, I'm transformed in many ways and transformation is still unfolding.

To learn more about Matrix Energetics click on the website, . There you can read more about what Richard Bartlett calls consciousness technology. This is the method or suggested manner of practicing it on yourself and others. You will find some YouTube videos there, or you can go directly to YouTube to find several demonstration videos. Richard Bartlett's books can be purchased on his website or other on-line bookstores. Although, you need not attend a seminar in order to practice Matrix Energetics, I found the seminar to be invaluable in cementing the principles discussed in the books.

To reiterate one of the most important of those principles - Have fun!


  1. YES! YES! YES!

    I love everything about what ME opens up for us - there is no end to where it takes us and how it uses us.

    Thank you for sharing yourself like this!

  2. I totally agree with your post. Matrix Energetics has transformed my life, my fiance's life, my family, business and it seems anything I come in contact with. I know that sounds "too good to be true". So for that I'll drop a couple drops of "too good to be true" blueprint from IMT and let go.............. my question to myself and anyone who experiences Matrix Energetics..... the choice can be to hang on to the same old same old or let go of the need for anything and see what shows up!!!! Thank you Richard Bartlett for showing us this stuff!!!!!
    Ralph Havens
    San Diego

  3. Matrix Energetics has allowed my world to expand and enabled me to see things I never would have noticed without Richard's information.

    p.s. I love music, but it's sooooo distracting and everyone music tastes are so different and particular from moment to moment. You want us to read and commment on some pretty deep material here. Most blog consultants will suggest people to take the music off to allow people to stay on your site longer. It's only because I love and appreciate what you are doing here that I'm sharing this with you. I wish you ever success!