Saturday, April 17, 2010

Chocolate, I love you.

"There's more to life than chocolate, but not right now."
Much is being said about the great significance of the Mayan Calendar these days because we may be approaching the end of days. Still, what I can't understand is why no one is giving them more credit for an even more significant contribution to humanity. Not many people focus on the fact that along with the Aztec and Olmec civilizations, the Mayans discovered the cocoa bean. "And what comes from the cocoa bean?" you innocently ask. Chocolate!!!
We all know there are people going around denying that some parts of history took place -yeah like that chocolate was declared the food of the gods by many of the oldest, most sophisticated and spiritual of human civilizations. I'm certain I must have read that somewhere.
Anyway, it absolutely gives me a spiritual lift when I taste the delicious, creamy, sweet, rich, nutritious blend. Well, maybe not nutritious, but heavenly none the less. And one thing I did read is that it was considered an aphrodisiac by the Aztecs. Certainly, they knew what they were talking about. Now we all know scientifically that chocolate leads to love. Why else would there be a Valentine's day?
Many chocolate lovers are rejoicing over the fact that chocolate has been given a reprieve from the infamous list of bad foods. It is rich in magnesium and even some vitamins. But unfortunately this only applies to the better, more expensive dark chocolates, not the cheap milk chocolate found in candy bars. Guess which kind I like? Hint - one of my most memorable trips was to Hershey, Pennsylvania. I almost kissed the ground. Yes, unfortunately, I'm told cheap milk chocolate is mostly fat and sugar - devoid of nutrients. But, I'm hooked, helplessly.
As I've reminded you many a time, I'm chronically human, seeking to find my truer Self, my spiritual nature. The journey is bumpy. Love is the answer to most of my spiritual questions and I love chocolate. So, I've convinced myself that the creator understands and smiles, when I falsely identify my sugary, chocolaty highs as ecstasy.

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