Tuesday, March 9, 2010


My intention here is to share my own personal spiritual/human journey and in the process to hopefully inspire or at a minimum stimulate Spirit in any who may come across my words. I enjoy writing and I have for a very long, long time sought to heighten my Spirit. So I am blending my two passions.

I am definitely pro religion because when we inspect the core profound teachings, they all have something valuable to offer. I am also open to exploring other less traditional or even marginal beliefs and practices because I am certain there are many paths to where I want to go. So, I am a spiritual eclectic. I strive to remain open to Spirit in whatever form or non-form It wants to take.

In these writings I do not intend to dissect any theological, or dogmatic issues. What I think this will evolve into is a frequent look into my Spiritual zigzag of highs and lows, my thoughts and my quandaries, which are many, and if I can teach anything along the way that will be great. I will be as honest and as open as I am able.

Thank you for spending a little time with me.

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